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G82189 2.4GHz 3channel MOD-3 Radio System (TX/RX) additional picture 1

G82189 2.4GHz 3channel MOD-3 Radio System (TX/RX)

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G82189 2.4GHz 3channel MOD-3 Radio System (TX/RX)

G82189 2.4GHz 3channel MOD-3 Radio System (TX/RX) Drive your R/C model with peace of mind. Skyion MOD-3 2.4Ghz radio system ensures worry free glitches from existing electronics within the model and other near by radio systems. The technology used in the Skyion MOD-3 2.4Ghz system provides complete control with an extremely direct feel with the vehicle. The pulsating MOD-3 2.4Ghz system continuously pulsates hundreds of times per second on the optimal frequency ensuring that you will always have complete control of your vehicle. The Skyion Speed linking system is simple and user friendly. The Skyion Speed receiver links to the Skyion Speed transmitter by following simple instructions. Once linked, the receiver auto-blocks all other frequencies and only responds to the linked Skyion Speed module. - Dual Rate Steering - Digital Trim - EPA Adjustment - End Point Adjustment - Steering wheel tension adjustment